Innovative Digital Dentistry Solutions


Custom Trays

We can design custom trays in many different ways. Choose from angled handles to barrel handles, finger stops, retention holes or none at all. We can even put in windows for open trays to pick up cylinders from implants.


Nightguards and Splints

Want to fabricate your own splints in office? Send us scans of both jaws in the relation you want and we can get you back the design. Let us know if you are looking for a flat plane, anterior discluding, posterior discluding or anywhere in between.


Denture Designs

One of the most difficult designs for offices or labs to get into is the full denture designs. We are here to help! We can single arch, both arches or immidiates in either combination. Being able to offer a digital denture even without a designer in house puts you a step ahead. Let us design it for you so you don’t have to worry about that part.

Reach Out To Us

Need something that isn’t listed? Reach out to us to find out what other products we can produce!