Innovative Digital Dentistry Solutions


Keysplint Soft

Introducing the KeySplint Clear nightguards! The KeySplint soft is a durable and tough material the has the properties of a hard material that can withstand bruxism, while unlike a hard material it is not brittle and stays flexible for greater patient comfort. Advantages of the KeySplint guard are

  • Tough and durable
  • Flexible for patient comfort
  • Maintains shape outside of the mouth
  • Withstands bruxism as a hard guard would
  • Easy to duplicate or replace due to the digital design

Being 3D printed provides your patients with better mechanical properties, surface finish and a repeatable manufacturing should they lose it.

Let us know if you are looking for a flat plane, anterior discluding, posterior discluding or anywhere in between.


Essix Temporary/Retainer

We offer essix retainers for those looking to keep the teeth stable but necessarily open or change the bite. These can be made with different thicknesses and can also have a tooth added to them as a temporary for the patients who don’t want a traditional partial. 

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