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Lucitone 3D Printed Denture

Here at Southern Digital we are able to help those who are just starting out on their digital journey. We are able to walk you through the whole process from initial scans/impressions to the final delivery and beyond.

This material is classified as a heat-activated smart polymer and with a linear-elastic fracture toughness of more than 3000 J/m2, it is twice as strong as Lucitone high impact acrylic and three times stronger than the minimum ISO strength standard for a denture.

The teeth are printed from the Lucitone Digital IPN premium resin. This material has the superior durability of traditional IPN and outperforms competitive 3D denture tooth materials available today in terms of wear resistance.


Immediate U/L Printed Denture

Immediate dentures are designed and fabricated the same way except that the patients existing teeth are removed before the design process begins. They are fabricated from the same LDP base resin and use the LDP economy tooth resin unless otherwise requested.
We also offer a healing denture as an alternative from the traditional immediate denture. A healing denture is going to be a monolithic tooth colored denture that the patient can wear from as little as the doctor wants up till they get a final denture. This allows for adjustments on the denture without care for those mouths that are troublesome. When the patient is ready to go to a final denture, the healing denture can be used as a reference denture with a wash impression taken and any changes noted on the rX form.


Copy Denture

Copy dentures allow the doctor or lab to scan in a patients existing denture and fabricate an exact duplicate of it but with a refreshed base and teeth. This is great for those patients that have had their dentures for years and love everything about them but they have become stained and “old” looking. A wash impression is also able to be taken before scanning to help try and improve the fit of the copied denture. These dentures are printed with the same LDP base and LDP premium tooth resin.

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