Innovative Digital Dentistry Solutions


Model Scanning

Here at Southern Digital we are able to help those who are just starting out on their digital journey. We have one of the latest 3Shape desktop scanners if you have not yet taken that leap into acquiring your own interoral scanner. If you need a model or existing appliance scanned and digitized, we offer services to meet your needs. Have a scan but it needs cleaning up before it is usable and don’t have the software to do this? Send it over and we can even get rid of those pesky artifacts in no time.


Analog Impressions

By leveraging the power of digital technologies, Southern Digital is able to provide personalized and accurate designs for many appliances. This is even the case if you don’t yet have an intraoral scanner or prefer to take a physical impression. We have the scanner that can take those impressions and turn them into digital models to be used for appliances or even as study models.


Reference Appliance

Being able to use an existing appliance, specifically a denture, that is worn out to start a new mock up is one of the great technologies that has come with digital. We are able to take the patients existing denture, either with a wash impression or not, and scan it into our system. We are able to either print out a duplicate for the doctor to use and make any changes they want or to use them as a guide to get a new setup in the works. Contact us to get the insight on how you can go from worm out denture straight to a try in the very next appointment.

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